Working to keep the memory alive and breathe new life into the property.

The Catskill Game Farm closed in 2006 – it was the first privately owned zoo in the United Stated, operational from 1933-2006 and housed over 2,000 animals.  Among their collection included Giraffes, Rhinos, Pygmy Hippos, Capybaras and many more.  The zoo itself is approximately 150 acres with 3.5 miles of paved walkways and 130 structures. It is now often visited by people for the sake of nostalgia, urban exploration, photography and/or a place to have a peaceful yet interesting stroll.

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Come Camp at The Abandoned Zoo!

The tents locations are tucked into hundreds of acres of uninhabited land giving you the perfect get a way on a truly unique property!


Giraffe born at The Catskill Game Farm - NOT April..

Giraffe born at The Catskill Game Farm - NOT April..

April the Giraffe is Originally from The Catskill Game Farm!

She was born on the property in 2002!

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Believed to be April at The Game Farm..

Believed to be April at The Game Farm..


Plan your visit

Visitors are allowed to walk the property!  All visits must be scheduled in advance.

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Our Plans

There are big plans for the property, which we are excited to share with you!  


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All donations go to making the park available and safer for visitors to walk the property each season.  Ready to take the next step?

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The best way the average person can help is simply by talking about us and what we are trying to do.  Within the 6 degrees of separation there is someone who can make these plans come to life.  Like and share us on facebook, talk to you friends and co-workers simply help get the word out there!