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Tentrr Mountain View at The Game Farm


We want you to have the best possible experience staying at The Old Game Farm

Your Tentrr site is on the site of the old Catskill Game Farm, a world famous zoo that closed in 2006. Today it's a beautiful 200+ acre property that offers you the chance to relax, unplug, and experience nature taking back an American landmark.


For assistance please call: 732-618-3461

Check Out is at 10:00am


Please follow the directions near the loo on how to line the bin before you go to the bathroom in there. Please be sure to line the bin with the appropriate bag, if you or someone in your group poops in the bin without lining the bin, we will charge you a $100 "poop" cleaning fee. Please be sure to properly use the bathroom for everyone's sake!​ Your site comes with an outdoor camp toilet (you'll line the loo with a provided CleanWaste bag, do your duty, then remove the bag, tie it off, and throw it in the garbage). You'll find the empty loo inside your tent when you arrive - you'll be able to move it to a more private location since it's fully portable.


Please place all trash in the silver trash can at the site. If you leave garbage all over the site, we will have to charge you an additional $50 cleaning fee. Upon check out, you should leave-no-trace of your stay and be sure your campsite is returned to its natural glory! 


Our County has an Amazing Tourism Website which can show you some of the great things to do in the area!

There are 25+ miles of maintained trails off of our property. They are maintained by the Round Top Mountain Bike Association but are used for hiking as well. If you plan to explore them we recommend downloading the Trail Forks App, which then will allow you to be able to follow this map on your phone. The Old Game Farm connects to the “Jurassic Trail” which is a blue trail in the lower right corner when the map first loads on your phone. Your camp-keeper will be able to help direct you to this trail if you are interested.​


We ask that you do not explore it after dark as there are many hazards. Please refrain from using your vehicle to explore the abandoned zoo. The African area has several moats you should be aware of to not fall into.


This year is one of the worst tick seasons ever. Please be mindful of ticks while you are exploring the grounds, we are tucked in 200+ acres of wilderness so please be prepared to repel and protect against ticks and mosquitoes during your stay.​​


We are taking all the precautions and following all the most recent guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.​​



When bringing children into the abandoned zoo area please be aware that many of the areas were not designed for the public, as well as much of the protective fencing on the property no longer exists. Please keep a close eye on your children, do not let them roam without supervision and do not let them climb on anything, as it may be unsafe for them and could damage equipment around the property.


All dogs must be leashed when walking around the property.

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