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The Catskill Game Farm




Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Below please find the details pertaining to each of the following - please read through them before you arrive:

COVID-19 Safety Plan - We have a established a Safety Plan per NYS requirements Please read through them before you arrive.


SAFETY GUIDELINES for each tour day include:

1) Each Guest should read through the details of a ‘Self-Guided Tour’ at The Old Game Farm - which can be found HERE

2) Parking & Entrance:

  • Parking: Please park in the lower parking lot. A minimum of one empty parking spot must remain between each car.

  • Entrance: Once you park, walk up to the original ‘Catskill Game Farm’ entrance (NOT the new entrance for The Old Game Farm Inn). Please find detailed directions and instructions HERE.

3) Distancing - Each group (people coming in the same car or are of the same household) must remain a minimum of TEN feet from any other group when arriving

4) Waivers - must be completed 72+ hours BEFORE arrival, for each individual attending (COMPLETE THE WAIVER ONLINE NOW):

5) Donations - must be made using our 'no-touch system' when checking-in for your self-guided tour, or made electronically before arrival via Venmo @TheOldGameFarm

6) Masks - All guests must bring and wear their masks when coming within 10 feet of anyone not in their group

7) Symptoms - Anyone showing any symptoms of illness will not be granted access to the property for the day.

8) Restrooms - There will be no restroom available during the tours due to our inability to guarantee its safe level of cleanliness.

9) Sanitation - Hand Sanitizer will be available at the check-in desk

10) Map - You may want to download THIS MAP before you arrive so you have it for your day of exploring!

11) Temperatures will be taken with a ‘no-touch’ thermometer upon entry, anyone with a temperature of 99 degrees (Fahrenheit) or higher will not be permitted access.


We want you to know that the health and safety of our guests is our #1 priority.  In an effort to keep everyone safe we have done the following:

We have increased our cleaning and disinfecting practices to insure guests stay safe:


    • Air Exchange Unit: The Inn has an 'air exchange unit' built into all of the rooms which automatically exchanges indoor/outdoor air (to learn more CLICK HERE)

    • Window Air Conditioners: The Inn is cooled with window air conditioning units instead of an interconnected central system used through the entire building.


    • Masks must be warn in all common areas at all times.

    • Disinfecting - Multiple times a day all common areas, handles knobs and surfaces are disinfected

    • Furniture - Any furniture which can not be wiped down (upholstered furniture, throw pillows etc) get sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol

    • Kitchen - has specific rules to be followed (these rules are posted) and include: No more than 4 people in the kitchen at a time, sanitizing stations are in the kitchen for guests to wipe all surfaces, handles or other places they come in contact with both before and after use (in addition to our routine of also wiping these surfaces with disinfectant).

    • Sanitizing Stations: We have asked all guests while staying with us to please help us keep everything as safe as possible for everyone at The Old Game Farm by using the Sanitizing Stations we have throughout the Inn to wipe down anything they come in contact with (in addition to our staff also cleaning regularly).  These are placed in all the common areas within the Inn (the beverage station, dining/game room, half bath and kitchen.

    • Hand Sanitizer is available throughout the Inn for guest use, including outside each of the guest rooms.

  • GUEST ROOMS: We have a multi-step cleaning process for each.

    • We are only using linens that have been washed on the hottest washer and dryer settings.

    • We are first cleaning all surfaces, fixtures, handles etc

    • Then disinfecting all of those after they are cleaned.  This includes door handles, light switches, flat surfaces, door chains etc.

    • Any materials which can not be properly cleaned this way (upholstered furniture, throw pillows etc) get sprayed with 70% rubbing alcohol.

    • All surfaces are then sprayed down with either disinfectant or 70% isopropyl alcohol (depending on the material) before the room is sealed - not to be opened until our next guest arrives.  

  • We are asking only guests free of symptoms and free of known exposures to stay.

We are well equipped and educated to make your stay as safe as possible.

We hope that you are staying happy, healthy and sane and look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Thank you for your continued understanding during this trying time,




COST - We are requesting donations for the opportunity to walk The Old Game Farm. Although the average donation (per person) is between $20-100, the amount you donate is, of course, entirely up to your discretion. All donations go towards maintaining insurance (making it possible for self guided tours), helping clean up the property to make it safer for you and other things required for us to hold these self-guided tours. This can be done in advance through Venmo (@TheOldGameFarm) or when you arrive. We also appreciate any old souvenirs or memorabilia anyone would like to donate to go in our Inn and/or our future museum!



PHOTOS - You can feel free to take photos with your cell phone while visiting. If you would like to take photos with anything more than your cell phone, we ask that you either sign up for our Abandoned America's Workshop (see here for more information) OR for at least an $80 donation per person taking photographs (or video), we understand the workshop isn't for everyone. As you can imagine, insuring an abandoned zoo in order to allow visitors is not an easy task, your donation goes towards maintaining insurance to allow this. We also need to be fair to the photography workshops as they are a cornerstone in keeping the property open to the public.



WAIVERS- We will need one filled out and signed before you arrive, they must be received via email 72+ hours before your arrival. We will need one completed for each person coming that day-including children (we would love to save paper and ink but this is necessary). You can download it or electronically sign it HERE.



MAP - You can download your map HERE please note there are certain buildings and areas labeled as private, there will be no tolerance for anyone going into these buildings or areas. They are our private spaces, we keep the buildings locked. We highly recommend, if you are able to, that you print this map to bring with you. We have heard many regrets from visitors due to not having it on hand while they were walking around.



MOATS - The African area has several moats you should be aware of. The fencing which used to protect the public from them is no longer intact. It is very important you are aware of their locations (please see map).



BAGS - We do not allow large backpacks (or anything similar) when you are walking around, unfortunately we have had things go missing so we can no longer allow this. You are more than welcome to come back out to your car if you need to at any point. We do make some exceptions to this, please let us know if we need to discuss these.



CHILDREN - When bringing children please be aware that many of the areas which were not designed for the public, as well as much of the protective fencing on the property no longer exists. Please keep a close eye on your children, do not let them roam without supervision and do not let them climb on anything, as it may be unsafe for them and could damage equipment around the property.



DOGS - If you intend on bringing dogs please note we have a dog who is sometimes loose on the property; we will not lock him up. If your animal is not friendly with others, please don't bring them. Also, we have 2 cats, some other animals and some non-animal friendly locations on the property so please keep them leashed at all times if you choose to bring them.



FAQ’s - If you have ANY questions before you come please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help and/or inform! You can also read through our FAQ's if you haven't already!



DIRECTIONS: The address is 400 Game Farm Road, Catskill NY 12414. It is exactly 1.8 miles from when you turn onto Game Farm Road from Route 32. It is important that you do not follow the signs for the 'Zoo', make sure to stay on Game Farm Road to find us :). There is a "Welcome to The Old Game Farm" sign at the end of our driveway.

  • ******PLEASE PARK IN THE LARGE LOWER PARKING LOT AND WALK UP TO THE TICKET BOOTH (and be sure to allow lots of space between cars for distancing safety).

  • We will meet you at the former Catskill Game Farm ticket booth NOT at the new Long Neck Inn Entrance (where there is a large Giraffe Sign).

  • Download detailed instructions (photo) HERE


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