Tentrr Wooded Site at The Game Farm



 *****IMPORTANT: We know this is quite long but please take the time to read it - especially before your visit and share it with anyone who will be joining you!


  • CONTACT US ASAP please text - include your Name | Date you are arriving | Which site you booked (845-430-0875). 

  • DOWNLOAD DIRECTIONS - You will find them below

  • WAIVERS - Have each member of your group complete a waiver, you will find the details below

  • READ AND SHARE - All of the information below, some of which is very important for you to know in order to plan your trip appropriately.


Daniel will be your Camp Keeper while you are staying with us. You (as your ‘group leader’) should remain in close contact with him. Please do not hesitate to let him know if you have any questions, he is happy to help!

He responds best to text messaging, please shoot him a text when you have a moment so he has your number :) when texting him please include your Name | Date you are arriving | Which site you booked (845-430-0875). 

Check in/out times are flexible, if we don't have other guests checking in/out on those days we are happy to do earlier check ins and later check outs.  As soon as you know what time you plan to arrive, please let Daniel know.

Below please find the details pertaining to each of the following - please read through them before you arrive:



LOCATION AND CHECK-IN DIRECTIONS - GPS can be unreliable for finding our location. The address is 400 Game Farm Road, Catskill NY 12414. It is exactly 1.8 miles from when you turn onto Game Farm Road from Route 32. It is important that you do not follow the signs for the 'Zoo', make sure to stay on Game Farm Road to find us :). There is a "Welcome to The Old Game Farm" sign at the end of our driveway.

Daniel will meet you at the former ‘Catskill Game Farm’ entrance to show you to your site. Download the detailed instructions, cell phone reception can be undependable depending on where you are on the property, without these directions it will prove difficult to find us.



WAIVERS - We will need one filled out and signed before you arrive, they must be received via email 72+ hours before your arrival. We will need one completed for each person coming that day-including children (we would love to save paper and ink but this is necessary). You can download it or electronically sign it. SIGN WAIVER HERE.



BEDDING - We are glad we are able to supply you with a memory foam mattress to enjoy during your stay. We do ask that you please supply your own bedding (including Queen Sheets). This will help you stay comfortable and us to keep the site clean for future guests.

**Please prepare for the weather you are likely to experience. If you are camping in the winter months, please be sure to pack multiple blankets**



COVID-19 MANDATORY GUIDELINES - (In addition to the cleaning staff will be doing)

  • At all times - either exercise social distancing (6’ between people) OR wear your mask.

  • In the Inn - please:

    • General -

      • Wear your mask when in close contact with anyone in your group

      • We are asking all guests to please diligently use our sanitation stations throughout the Inn to wipe down surfaces before and after use to keep everyone on the property safe

    • Kitchen -

      • You must wear a mask in the kitchen

      • Maximum of 4 people in the kitchen at a time

      • Sanitize (station available) all surfaces you come in contact with both before and after use (including handles etc)

    • Half Bath - Sanitize (station available) all surfaces your hands come in contact with both before and after use (door handles, faucets, toilet button to flush etc)

    • We are taking all the precautions and following all the most recent guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


  • Our County has an Amazing Tourism Website which can show you some of the great things to do in the area!

  • We have also already put together Our List of Favorites, which can be found HERE

  • There are 25+ miles of maintained trails off of our property. They are maintained by the Round Top Mountain Bike Association but are used for hiking as well. If you plan to explore them we recommend downloading the Trail Forks App, which then will allow you to be able to follow THIS MAP on your phone. The Old Game Farm connects to the “Jurassic Trail” which is a blue trail in the lower right corner when the map first loads on your phone. Your camp-keeper will be able to help direct you to this trail if you are interested.

    • You may need to create an account with trail-forks, if so it only takes a minute or two and is free. Then re-click on the link above to access the map.



RESTROOM, SHOWER & HOT TUB - While staying with us you will have access to The Old Catskill Game Farm Inn which includes a half bath which you can use (please be mindful of quite hours 9pm-8am in the Inn) as well as an outdoor hot tub. We require that you use the biodegradable soap supplied in the outdoor shower if you choose to use it and you will need to bring your own towels. **The outdoor shower is not available from November-April**



MAPS - You should download these maps below. Please note there are certain buildings and areas labeled as private, there will be no tolerance for anyone going into these buildings or areas (they are labeled or locked to help ease confusion while exploring).




  • MOATS - The African area has several moats you should be aware of. The fencing which used to protect the public from them is no longer intact. It is very important you are aware of their locations (please see map).

  • We ask that you do not explore it after dark as there are many hazards.

  • Please refrain from using your vehicle to explore the abandoned zoo.

  • Although the TENTRR sites are outside the defunct zoo, if you choose to go into the zoo areas, please note there are certain buildings and areas labeled as private (Please see souvenir map) please respect the fact that we don't want people in them.  They are our private spaces, we keep the buildings locked and the private areas labeled.  



CHILDREN - When bringing children into the defunct zoo please be aware that many of the areas which were not designed for the public, as well as much of the protective fencing on the property no longer exists. Please keep a close eye on your children, do not let them roam without supervision and do not let them climb on anything, as it may be unsafe for them and could damage equipment around the property.



DOGS - If you intend on bringing dogs please note we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, many of the Inn and other TENTRR site guests often bring dogs and some non-animal friendly locations on the property so please keep them leashed if they are wanderers. You should always have a leash with you for unpredictable reasons where it could be helpful. All dogs must be leashed when in The Old Catskill Game Farm Inn.



FAQ’s - If you have ANY questions before you come please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help and/or inform! You can also read through our FAQ's if you haven't already!




You will be camping on a 206 acre parcel which was once part of a 1,000+ acre property which was owned and operated by The Catskill Game Farm.  The 206 acres include the actual zoo area where animals were exhibited for the public to visit.

The Catskill Game Farm was founded by Roland Lindemann in 1933.  His father taught Zoology (among other subjects) in Germany, and inspired Roland to stock his farm here in Catskill NY with different varieties of deer and llamas.  Due to the high demand from locals who wanted to view his extensive and fast growing collection he began accepting 5₵ per person to visit the animals. By 1946 Lindemann’s menagerie included bison, buffalo, yaks, llamas, alpacas, camels, antelopes, mountain lions, goats and several exotic varieties of deer.  They had over 100 tame animals bottle raised, which visitors could pet, walk among and hand feed. Every year they added more animals and expanded their collection.  Over the 77 years they were open (closing in 2006) they housed White Rhinos, Giraffes, Cinnamon Bears, Kangaroos, Australian Ostriches, Elephants, Pygmy Hippos, Capybaras and more than 1,000 other animals. In 1958 The Catskill Game Farm was officially recognized as a zoo by the Department of Agriculture.  They were the first privately owned venture to gain this distinction. 

The Zoo was sold to Lindemanns daughter Kathie Shultz and her husband Jurgen Shultz in 1989, who ran it until it closed in 2006. Many of the animals and equipment were sold at Auction and the property then remained dormant until Cathy and Ben Ballone purchased it in 2012. The property was then sold again in November 2020,

Learn more about the history HERE

If you have any questions prior to your arrival please feel free to reach out!